25 February 2009

Whats that? Fofo! No way!

Clive the Cat- art lesson

Due to the failed attempts at this thing called technology in Adelaide I still don't have internet. Besides snatched times on the school network. Will soon though, hopefully, hopefully, hopefully
Tomorrow I am seeing two movies for the Adelaide Film Festival, last week I saw the independent Irish film, "Kisses", which was rather sad but beautifully filmed, ranging between gray scale and colour with a surprise guest.It was one of those tender little stories where you hope everything will turn out for the best but you kind of know, it won't? Tomorrow I am seeing "Stella" and the Dylan Moran spectacular, spectacular, hopefully anyway, "A film with me in it".
Last week I also went to this stunningly intimate little concert, David Bride (From My Friend the Chocolate Cake and Not Drowning, Waving) at the Fringe. It was about 100 people all gathered in the Spiegl tent. Bridie and ban joked with the audience and it all felt very natural, calm yet still an amazing concert. When Bridie talks he has this little, tiny voice, perhaps with a hint of a lisp and then when he sings this large, booming, almost forceful, beautiful sound comes out! From no where! Just hits you! His piano playing is toned down yet so effective and the use of sampling in the mix is cleverly blended to produce this effective, large sound. A truly fantastic concert.

Plus! Snow Patrol are coming to Adelaide! Usually we are ruled out and put in the same category as Darwin and Hobart, but not this time! They're supported by Jenny Lewis so I am so excited I almost had a hernia when I read the email and felt like crying tears of joy at the ticket counter. Most people think they're wussy, mainstream, blah blah, yeah, well you suck! Take that deniers of the talent!
David Bowie-Manga..ded