28 June 2009

And I think about leaving the house

Here's a few slides of my recent body of work, well a tad bit more than a few but there you go:

I just realised how 'Pretty in Pink' this looks, besides the girl not quite achieving Molly Ringwald, still, nice.

Its about existence and identity and was mainly fueled by the bits and bobs picked up on the walk to the bus and some free books found in the trash.

26 June 2009

May your shade be sweet

Doesn't change

Here's a wrap up of my May and June in photographs.

Horse. Duh.

The following photos are from a recreation funeral thanks to the Victoriana society.There was a full procession, in Victorian dress, horses and carriage. It was stunning actually.


Don't try it. It literally is seven hours, Neil wasn't lying. Plus, in our family every time lentil is mentioned, its mandotory to say 'heavy, heavy', which sort of puts you off after a while.

Two posts in one day, daring stuff, I would try a third but thats kind of sad. Instead I'll resort to drafting it on a note pad or staring at the computer screen thinking of possibilities. Oh the possibilities. I also suggest you all see 'Sunshine Cleaning'. Great, great, great yet very emotional. I ate a bar of chocolate due to the enormous tragedy of it, and because it was chocolate. Unfortunately this lead to me leaving the theatre with chocolate all over my face. And I mean all over. Everywhere, on my hands, arms, nose. This may explain why I saw it by myself. Hmm.....

Oh Doctor, it really is bigger on the inside

Well, well, well exams are finally over so now I can feel privileged to now sit at home and do nothing. Good, good. The geography exam had a question about this man, Dr Wamsley and if we approved of his conduct in erridicating the feral cat.

Yes, that is a cat on his head.

Unfortunately today, well fortunately, I don't know, whatever, I had to go to the doctor to get an injection. I'm pretty crap with injections, I dread them, doctors with javelin like needles saying 'this won't hurt a bit' before skewering me to the wall. This may have played a part in today's events.

Injection, fine, I said 'right, thanks' and left the doctors office. Came in, sat down, 'yep, that was fine, not too bad' before everything went white and I fainted. Apparently I started convulsing like I had a fit and moaning, my eyes rolling into the back of my head. Very pretty site indeed. I'm surprised I didn't start foaming at the mouth, to top it off. All I remember was dreaming of horses (a bit like this really) and wondering how odd it was for me to be sleeping. In the middle of the day! Scandalous! Rebel you!

I then awoke with the doctor holding my legs in the air, saying my name and the receptionist holding a glass of water, biting her lip. Even worse I was wearing these pants:
Whose going to take me seriously when I look like Bozos assistant. Well, that was a nice experience. And in two months time, its probably going to happen again. The doctor said the body prepares itself by feeling very hungry (my mother said, 'well thats no use, shes always hungry' thanks ma), sweaty, clammy and in young boys, 'certain things occurring downstairs,' as said in science (except he didn't use the euphemism. In normal circumstances I would've let out an immature giggle, but I was sitting in a dazed state amazed at the sight of my hands. They're amazing really, like feet, on your arms.)

To sound like a sad, pathetic whiny loser. I am sick with a cold on top of that so my eyes keep watering at random periods. Like I'm crying. At anything just, this incompetent right eye ('this chai is just, its just so good'). This always happens when I'm sick. In year 7, whilst watching a 'informative video' on the rainforest it just began, this little stream on my face. Everyone thought I was crying so I asked to be excused, even furthering the whole idea. I was patted on the back and told 'it would all be alright'. Well, its not, so you can't trust HSIE teachers, obviously. Pfft. Sorry for the sad, pity-me way of this post, but there you go. Have a good weekend!

8 June 2009

6 June 2009

Hi I'm Justin. I'm a milk drinker. This is my cow.

Can you actually have a profession as a milk drinker? And if you look at that Coles milk label, do you think the cows eyes are photo shopped? I keep looking at it and wondering, but if you want photo shopping check this mighty beast:

What a fine example of photo shopping this is. Indeed, Consu is in fact standing with Edward Cullen. Wow, the quality! This comes from the absolute scare of discovering New Moon is soon to be released and discussing the quality of Edwards hair. Its ginger. Its a scary thought, maybe its mind control, who knows?

I'll have some proper photographs to upload soon from History Week, finds and winter leaves. Guess what? Our heaters broken and we are warming ourselves with tea and endless amounts of socks, jumpers and trackies. Its all happening here. Yesterday I heard some girls discussing their looks, one complaining she had no look. Then she suggested taking up the bogan look because thats really in. I'm wondering if shes either really dumb, impressionable, actually is a bogan or a combination of all. If this actually is the truth, well I'm doing well. I'm hip! (I was once told, anything that was proclaimed as hip, wasn't. Because hip, wasn't hip. Some sort of weird theory but actually probably true.)

In other news. I want a cat. Reeeeaalllllyyy. I miss my poor little moggy in Singapore, despite updating his Facebook regularly, its not quite the same. Especially his views on meat eating, its quite disturbing.