22 July 2009

Despite what Morrissey would say

My brothers schnitzel:


Yes, these things do amuse us.

20 July 2009

because it tells you everything about everything and that's all I want to know.

Its good to be back. It warm, I guess if it was hailing, pouring down I wouldn't be saying such, but its warm and sunny, if not a tiny bit windy. Every plant down the street is blooming, I guess they're also a bit sick of the cold and hope this could be the start of spring. This sun is probably a brief break before the cold kicks in. A few years back it snowed in August, can you imagine?

I'm reading 'Angela's Ashes' at the moment and Frank McCourt has passed, away recently. Its a bit upsetting really, to be reading his life story and now know the end, the complete end.

Well, I'm off to go collect the mail from the week. Have a very, very lovely week.

14 July 2009

Just give me some candy after my hug

I don't really like the heat. It gets to you, after a while. The cold is bitter, but at least you know it'll pass.

I'm back in Singapore to get the last of my stuff. I own a lot of crap. I have this massive box entitled 'MEMORIES' and its scribbles on pieces of paper, chocolate wrappers and ticket stubs. I know theres that romance of keeping the items, but do you actually need them? Probably not but I think I'll just keep them anyway. What do they say? If you don't have memories, what do you have? Do they say that? I don't know, but that's quite nice and quite true.

9 July 2009

Teenage Kicks

Whats more sad than watching Dynasty? Watching a movie based on the making of Dynasty, which is exactly what I did yesterday. I'm hoping I patched it up by watching an almost too art house film, ''Alice' by European director, Jan Švankmaje dated 1987. Usually I enjoy art house movies (my brother says its the sense of superiority I feel at its conclusion. Better than 'Dead at Breakfast' though) but this was a bit too...odd? The rabbit kept seeping sand, and then eating it again. Not before it dived into a drawer containing geometry materials followed closely by Alice, portraying a close up of Alice's hand after being pricked by a compass. You know those art house shots? Hand. Blood. Pause. Deathly silence. Hand. Blood. Gasp. Da da dannnn...TENSION. Though,I guess it did remain true to Lewis Carroll's novel. Its a very terrifying tale when you really think about it. I reckon anyway.

Other than that, I am waiting for my first zine (wow, I sound like an indie loser), YOU, to be delivered. I'm pretty excited. I recently received a postcard in the mail from my awesome friend, Jess, in Berlin and it was fantastic, dance worthy, to actually have something addressed to you. Makes you feel pretty important. Despite it saying to 'Bazzy'- my bogan name- I was over the moon. Even letters from the bank saying I have received five cents in interest (WAHAY!) make me feel important. Hopefully this sad little obsession with mail will change when I start to receive actual bills, or eviction notices, something along those lines, yay for getting old.

7 July 2009

Pretend you never went to school

Well, the Hottest 100 of all time, hosted on Triple J has officially started and I am preeeeeetttyy excited! Bon Iver- Skinny Love, Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand, Common People- Pulp, No Woman No Cry- Bob Marley and the Wailers and Wolf and Me- TV on the Radio have already featured so I'm looking forward to the next 80.

My shortlist was so:
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart
David Bowie - Heroes
The Clash - Straight To Hell
The Smiths - What Difference Does It Make?
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time?
The Go-Betweens - Finding You
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
Snow Patrol - Same
The Jam - That's Entertainment

I'm hoping that my 'Love will Tear Us Apart' will make number one, but I wouldn't mind where it gets. Pulp has already featured, so I'm pretty happy. Hoping for a few Clash, Cure and Smiths song and hopefully one Bowie. I don't think Snow Patrol will feature but due to my loyalty, and love of their work, voted for a pretty odd favorite. off Final Straw 'That's Entertainment' should make it, but I don't think it will, the same with The Go-Betweens, despite their amazingness. The Verve's song is practically an anthem, so I'd be surprised if it doesn't feature but who knows. A few heavy metal songs, or metal I guess, are featuring but its good to feature everyones different tastes.

Looking over other peoples choices I feel like I've left out so many good bands, The Beatles, for one, who forgets the classics?! 'Come Together' has already featured and I'm expecting a lot more. I forget a lot of favorites stupidly, Echo and the Bunnymen, Crowded House (I think i shortlisted 'World Where you Live' but chose over it), Dire Straits ('Romeo and Juliet'),.Otis Redding ('Try a Little Tenderness') and Coldplay. 'Yellow' has already made the list and it was quite beautiful so stare at my roof whilst it played on the radio. I'm hoping 'Shiver' will get in, I love that song, despite Chris Martin calling it 'constructed', or something like that. Roxy Music! Argh! The Pogues! And what about 'Dancing in the Dark', cor!

'Cigarettes Will Kill You' by Ben Lee (first album the best album in this case) will hopefully get it as well as 'Brick' by
Ben Folds Five, both classics to me. Plus The Killers! Whoops! I'm guessing...'Mr Brightside'? I hope for 'Jenny was a Friend of Mine', favorite song. Urgh! Forget that? 'Never Tear Us Apart' - INXS, classic, not forgetting my love of Badly Drawn Boy, Madness -'Our House', New Order-'Temptation', Nina Simone- 'Sinner Man', Aretha Franklin- 'You'll lose a good thing', or the obvious, 'R.E.S.P.E.C.T', The Pretenders, THE POLICE! Oh gosh! There's so many! But of course, I guess after so many, many, mannnny years of music there would have to be over a million songs and over a thousand artists! Well, I look forward to the rest of the countdown and by posting this I HAVE PROOF if one of my shortlisted songs actually get in. Please, please, please! But looking over all that I could've chosen, I probably would've gone insane. Oh and Elbow!

Well, music rant over. I'm just going to go hold myself in the corner now, thanks.

6 July 2009

I have a couple of really cool guys in the back of my car

Waiting for Flight of the Conchords to come on. Five minute post!!

It was 0 degrees this morning and everything was covered in dew with the red brick path outside practically like them Swedish ice board hotel things...practically like ice, basically (cha ching! Surprise ice!). I probably should have worn shoes but I never let logic get in the way of excruciating pain so there you go. Like the other day. Hm..this water is set to boil instead of waiting for bubbles or steam, I'll use my hands! Of course!

Well, that was about it really. I remember actually having something of substance to say but I forget. I think I'm going senile or something, is that even possible? I keep forgetting things, leaving my tea out for the whole day- then saying 'oh wow! A made tea! All for me!'Do do doo'- falling over things and generally stopping mid-way through conversation, confused. Do you know how confusing advertisments are today? Like that 'Lab tested' toliet paper ad, how are people supposed to get that? What if people thought that the Lab was in fact, a Retreiver. Then the whole ad wouldn't work! It just makes the kid look like an idiot because he needs a dog to get his toliet paper! Argh! My brother said that was blindingly obvious, Lab, Lab tested, Lab= dog, but I disagree. And that ad for crumpets? What is wrong with that thing? It looks constipated and creepy, and just plain evil. I wouldn't want that bread product near my kid. Maybe its just me. But isn't that a bit more sad?

Oh right, this was it:

FOTC!! Oh damn, they're making fun of Australians.

And this bands pretty cool.

4 July 2009

Look here junior, don't you be so happy

I'm reviewing my list of borrowed and reserved items from the library. Have come to the conclusion: need to get a life.

Today was a nice, cold yet fresh day..and I went to the library again. (NEED LIFE) I love that place but because I live in a small, little town you find that every time you go you see someone relatively known to you. Either you avoid these people, hiding in the 'Teen Non-fiction' because no one goes there -books containing titles such as: 'You're growing body' with seemingly cool blurbs that will lure us teens in- 'boys? Ew gross! But as time continues you will find hormones...what? Hormones? Well, as your body grows....' seriously. No one cares.This is why no one is ever in the back of the library. Or else they come up, tackle you with a hug, bringing you to the ground in deep emotions. Either way, obviously its not just me who spends all their waking hours in the library.

I once read (or maybe it was a Dilbert comic...who knows?) that knowledge was power, and that people that read books, gaining knowledge were corrupt. Well, thankfully I just borrow comics. Phew!

Today my brother found this fine gem of a DVD, to borrow:

The deers are afraid! My god! She must be awful!

At this moment in time we have this old black and white photograph of our relative riding a cow from about the 1930's mounted on our wall. She looks very happy. It must have been all the rage back then. The cow don't look too happy though. Well, heres little me from ages ago on a yak. It must run in the family.

I look pretty happy too.

I'll leave you on that.

3 July 2009


Finished work experience and now have a very deep relationship with the 'Heaps Good SA' tshirt due to continuous stacking and folding, general touching. I suggest you all buy it, wear it overseas and promote South Australia and its awesomness. Too right.

Did you know that four cups of tea a day is good for you? Scientists have discovered (with funding by the Tea Council of the United Kingdom, coincidence? Of course not, pfft, sheesh) that drinking tea is revitalising, nourishing and full of goodness. So there you go, the English are getting it right. The other day a man said 'Wa-er, naugh-y, for a country that drinks so much tea you'd think they'd get the letter'. This followed his statement about how 'hot' the Super Nanny was.

Anyway I really don't have much to say besides obvious self promoting of South Australia and tea drinking. So I'll leave with this relatively new video by the band '
Dananananaykroyd', how cool is that name? Just listen to them to say their name, casually into conversation, if possible...'oh this? Oh (hahaha..highly superior laugh) this is Dananananaykroyd...you don't know them? Really?' Its meant to be a take on the Batman theme and that Blues Brother, Dan Aykroyd. You know? DANANANANAAAAAAYKROYD!!!!