25 January 2010


happy australia day! wow its been a while but through the prompting of the triple j hottest 100 i thought i'd post something

here's my vote list:
David Byrne And Dirty Projectors - Knotty Pine
Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over
Girls - Lust For Life
Hockey - Song Away
Lisa Mitchell - Clean White Love
Little Birdy - Hairdo
Maccabees, The - Love You Better
Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man
Oh Mercy - Get You Back
Regina Spektor - Laughing With

laughing with is playing now so im pretty happy, at least one!

i hope you have a fantastic day no matter where you are!

21 December 2009


hope you all have a fantastic christmas and a happy new year!

17 December 2009

va va va vintage.

plus, for a while i have followed the truly fantastic and fascinating blog trish hunter finds which involves many, many lovely op shops finds which causes extreme jealousy. but no more as there is now the chance to buy these items at her new shop:

so i do suggest you check it out.

alan ruck, we love you.

its been raining all day, which is nice, really. i can sort of pretend i'm overseas and going to have a, in the slightest, wet christmas.

12 December 2009

with my great big cake

tomorrow, my friend and i are seeing the french kissers which is meant to be a summary of current teenage culture. its about a pair of teenagers 'far removed from the cool crowd' ( at this comment in the film review on television, my mother turned to me and said, 'oh you should really see that'. what is she implying?). the films in french. which makes you feel classier and arty seeing it. the film could be some terrible, twee chick flick and you just say i am seeing 'le cheval et le pain' and people would think 'wow, what a cool person'. or maybe not, especially because you're seeing a film called the horse and the bread.

10 December 2009

panda. i hate you.

right. the holidays. i actually am not a great fan of holidays, mainly because i need things to do. which is why i have taken up making mix tapes! not really on tapes because that would mean taping over 'bedtime stories for happy children', which are about the only tapes that are officially mine (although this could be perceived as 'cutting edge') . not the ones i've nicked from my parents or brother.

my first tape was for my friend georgia for her birthday, called, 'georgia b's crap cake birthday mix tape'. in year 9 when we were part of the floorball team (this is an actual sport, seriously) we decided to woo our fellow team mates who were all men by the way foretold in all movies, through the stomach. unfortunately we were unable to actually produce cakes that were aesthetically pleasing, a result of icing them white with rainbow sprinkles and then letting them melt. looking rather like a rainbow had vomitted. our woo-ees (?) describing them as 'grunt, grunt, they look like crap ... but taste good'. so there we go, long story to the title, but here's the track listing.

what's a girl to do? - bat for lashes
victoria (cover)- the kooks
closer- travis
punks- i heart hiroshima
stevie- lisa mitchell
1901- phoenix
angela- jarvis cocker
sheena is a punk rocker (cover)- yeah yeah yeahs
realer pretender- prinzhorn dance school
knotty pine- david byrne and the dirty projectors
rocky raccoon (cover)- johnny flynn
i feel it all- feist
johnny appleseed- joe strummer and the mescaleros
make up your mind- yves klein blue
black wax- dananananaykroyd
wayside- canvas kites
awkward orchid orchard- the boat people
first to know- mystery jets
electric feel- mgmt
skeleton song- kate nash (this is basically our song)
girls and boys in love- rumble strips
arcade precinct- 1990s
i'm alive- vincent vincent and the villains
jackie wilson said (i'm in heaven when you smile)- van morrisson

to then produce the second mix tape for my friend gypsy, 'owls are better than panda imports'. why? because currently in adelaide nearly every time you turn on the tv they're going on about these blooming panda's they've imported from china, for what reason? the well being of the pandas? what? they obviously don't care about the well being of the panda because they've named them wang wang and funi.

tomblands- the libertines
hot kisses, cold tiles- fergus brown ('you look like a panda that hasn't had a meal for a year)
fonz- eugene mcguiness
cheerleader- grizzly bear
straight to hell (cover)- lily allen feat. mick jones
keys to your heart- the 101'ers
boys don't cry- the cure
ask- the smiths
hurt me- the jezabels
veiled in grey- mystery jets
going missing- maximo park
chattering face (when the hammock hits quartz)- denim owl
on/off- snow patrol
fever- takka takka
oh yeah- roxy music
dans un camion- dominque a.
you can do better than me- death cab for cuties
yankee dayonet (i will be home soon)- the decemberists
el caporal- my morning jacket
i can't wait- the sundays
tubthumping (cover)- angus and julia stone
2000 miles- the pretenders (thought i'd throw in a christmas song)

well there you go. i now officially have nothing to do. maybe i'll go listen to some of my bedtime stories for happy children tapes. bit of nostalgia, always good.

27 November 2009

nothing happens in my town

well, he didn't exactly split as i think the stage sort of prohibited that, but he did do a sort of leap. BUT. the concert was utterly amazing. paul smith wore this powder blue suit (as noted, above), that on a forty degree day, caused him to strip off at the end of 'apply some pressure', 'i hope that i live to see you undress' to the delight of the many female audience members. the entire time he wiggled, thrust his hips and jumped around all while keeping a beautiful tune. and they covered the go-betweens 'was there anything i could do'?. absolutely amazing.

plus, the support band, who told very lovely jokes (for example, a grasshopper walks into a bar, the barman says, 'we have a drink named after you', the grasshopper say, 'what kevin?', 'no grasshopper' so the grasshopper says, 'but i'm a horse', so the barman says, 'why the long face'. well, i liked them) and were all round lovely were denim owl. who i highly suggest checking out. half way through their set they asked where to get a good coffee and this one really clever man shouted 'SNOW TOWN'. which if you know anything about adelaide, is the place where they stuffed around ten bodies in barrels. classy adelaide.

14 November 2009

thanks for coming back

i am seeing these lovely men tomorrow night. i do hope paul smith does that mid air split that i keep raving about.

once exams are over i shall return to post things that virtually mean nothing. perhaps, hopefully, i shall be examining the mid air split of paul smith in full detail, to his hat down to his white lace ups.

23 October 2009

Hilary ink..pen is my daughter!

i have been awarded a blog award, thank you soren lorensen, very, very much.

in other completely unrelated news i am achieving my daily fill of murder through the old midsomer murders. four in this episode alone. much better than the new ones where you may get two if you're lucky. its a bit like the new cluedo, where no murder exists and its just a bit of stolen jewelry and perhaps professor plum gets a bashing in the corridor. now where's the fun in that?

don't trust the gardener hilary!

10 October 2009

don't tell anyone!

last day of the holidays and to reflect on the past two weeks i have not done much. my plans of major house cleaning, gardening and other things that don't sound that exciting (which may explain why they remain as they were) have not been completed and instead, i seem to have spent the last two weeks planning these amazing things that will occur in 6 years time. well done you!

although, i have seemed to have given myself a very cuttingly swish haircut that rather slightly resembles the mullet , the mullet i gave myself right in time for my year 8 class photos. my plan was to have a bob in the front with long at the back, but not too obviousl, and then be able to put my hair up and boom! a bob! who'd know? upon telling my brother this he stated 'nah, mullets are usually more neat'. so there we go.

for all you know, this could be me.

4 October 2009

its not near

i went and saw 'up' today in 3d, it was utterly fantastic if not a bit of a tear jerker, but i contained myself in the presence of friends. unlike in ice age where i wept, like a...french football player? is that what they say? having never properly been to a 3d movie i screeched when the things came at you, which i guess is the point, but yes, it scared me. and just then i caught a mosquito and it fell down my sleeve which is rather unfortunate. on a related topic, today when i changed out of my dress into my cat pyjama pants, a bug flew out of my dress. i wonder how long it stayed there for or if it just flew in and out in that brief time. if it had sat there watching the movie with me. ohh the questions, the questions. yes, i thought that was interesting, perhaps not.

hope you had a very, very fine weekend

1 October 2009

just say yes

i don't quite know what to think about the new snow patrol song. i have remained an utterly loyal fan, but i don't know about this one. i'm listening now and i like it, but not as much as say, disaster button or open your eyes. i probably sound like a complete berk, really. hm. i don't like change, i guess, but i do, so that's no excuse, dammit! actually i like it more now. i guess i'm getting used to it. i used to disgust tea and everything that was associated with it but now i drink about six cups a day and have withdrawal symptoms unless. hopefully this won't be quite the same, mind.

today i dressed my friends as clowns and bought a stevie nicks hat for four dollars but then accidentally fed someone chocolate which i probably shouldn't have, so, yes, but otherwise a pretty good day.

28 September 2009


i'm off to go watch the creepy david bowie clown attack poor drake before gene genie comes in to give mouth to mouth and before drake starts ranting. the clown gives me nightmares but not so much as bowie in labriynth in his tight tights. thats probably the scariest thing of my youth. its starting! ono!