28 April 2009

(99 Days Obama!)- Sydney Trip

Well I am finally in my own, if not slightly messy, home. And despite having a fantastic time in Sydney over the past week, it feels good to be home. Its a tad cold but with a nice cuppa tea, a bad tourist jumper (Prague: Czech me out!) and a Thrills CD, its bearable on a very lovely level.

Sydney was amazing! I shall forever be thankful to the awesomeness that is Georgia B, whose laugh is truly contagious. With her ever hilarious guidance, I managed the Glebe markets, Manly Beach, the Opera House, the 'Coathanger', a dog show, the Archibald Prize and Contemporary Art. Thank you Georgia!

Prepare for a rather large amount of photos

Walking the 'Coathanger'. Har, har, har.
Mini association of NSW

SHOCK HORROR, DOG SHOW PICK UPS! Its all go at the Easter Show. On this same day

Sea gull chasing outside of the Opera House.
Thank you very kindly to the nice Germans! We are sorry for Georgia impressions of you later.

Attempt at straitening the fuzz of my hair. Half straight half curly, very in. Honestly.

Search for best falafel wrap ever continues at Glebe markets.


There is my holiday, now imagine if I actually wrote that out, no one would read it! Well, no one read this stuff anyway, but hopefully one day such readers will exist. I shall try to disguise this post as a sourcing for my friends to get photos. That is what it is indeed.

4 April 2009

Why is noble not spelt 'knoble?'

I know I have already posted today, but this conversation, or statement more like, I heard on the bus keeps lurking in the back of my head. I think I stored it there for future reference but keep forgetting of which way I was going to reference it.

'No, don't say that again Rebecca. Don't talk like that. No, do you know what that's called? That's bitchin, girls.'

As said by the mother of Rebecca. I think they were 'bitchin' about the way a girl constantly boasted about herself, in a very careful manner mind you ('Do you...sometimes find that she always mentions her..um, awards?'. How very odd for a bunch of ten year old girls.).

This completely and utterly brightened my day.

3 April 2009

You can make it, if your try

'm a bit restless. I should be working, really, I actually need to, but I can't sit still as I have amazing music pumping through extremely bad speakers:

There seems to be a lot of music out there that just warms you up, some how in one way or another, like Fleet Foxes or Arcade Fire. Fanfarlo is London based, which seems to be it really. London just produces all this music, all this noise that just seems to be excellent. Then you wonder whats wrong with your city. Aren't we meant to be the creative, festival state? Fanfarlos music is beautiful layers of sound, with strong beats and soaring sounds. Really worth a look, I rather love "I'm a Pilot" and they toured with Snow Patrol...kind of what I was getting at.

We must eat the same cereal. That R2D2 was firmly wedged on my pencil for the greater part of Year 5. Heck, I was a cool cat.

Maximo Park have just released their first video from their new album, 'Quicken the Heart'. The song takes a while to settle, but its a catchy tune and Paul Smith is a brilliant show man. 'The Kids are Sick Again'. Hope to hear the rest of the record soon.

White Lies are another band breaking into the scene (gigs with fellow new comer Florence and the Machine) from London (snap). They're reminiscent of Joy Division/ New Order and Echo and the Bunnymen, and rather a bit depressing too, song simply named 'Death'.'Death' is very 80's to me, oddly reminding me of the Cars 'You're Just What I Needed', so I guess not too depressing. The music is infused with electro and beautiful lyrics. Especially obvious in 'Unfinished Business' I do suggest you check them out. In the sense...mush!

The Lowly Knights, another band who toured with Snow Patrol (its a bit of a theme this month. I feel a bit numb really, its all over! And I have this desperate sense of wanting to go to Ireland, North or South. Just to do something. This music makes it a bit better really.). The music is truly inspirational and sounds like something they should play and the end of an indie, heart warming movie. Perhaps the protagonist looking out the window of a train as she, because of course, a female, leaves her home town...something like that.

My latest news includes a certain New Zealand duo. The other day whilst tuning into the excellent Triple J, the song 'Inner City Pressure came on'. I thought, Pet Shop Boys, immediately. Then I thought, "shit, what is wrong with their lyrics?". Honestly it was not until Jermaine entered (and even then I was still under the impression that Pet Shop Boys were hard up for cash) that I sort of understood. I felt like a complete twat. Check out the song here, very, very funny. I look forward to their new season.

I just finished reading "The Gathering" by Helen Enright and I thoroughly suggest you should read it. The book touches on many taboo subjects in a thoughtful, touching way, a sense of care.

I am looking very much forward to going to the cinemas to see 'Let the Right One In' (the anti-Twilight apparently) and 'The Boat that Rocked', because we all love a bit of Bill Nighy.

Plus! My mother just presented me with a Pretenders record, Brass in Pocket, Police- Zenyatta Mondatta and Bangles- Different Light. All I really need now is a record player. I hear thats kind of essential.

Feet to Feet

It was no joke. Despite Snow Patrol playing on April Fools ('some blokes gonna walk out and say "OH TOUGH LUCK GUYS! THEY'RE NOT COMING"' as foretold by my brother) they produced an absolutely amazing concert!

Jenny Lewis was the support and she was absolutely infectious with rather a lot of sexual energy, gasp! Shock! Lewis' voice took over the entire venue, seemingly with no effort. Plus the drummer is female so that's an immediate positive for me!

She moved from sweet, continually thanking the audience and dedicating 'Melt Your Heart' to all the girls , to this possessed human, haunting almost, especially depicted in 'The Next Messiah'. That song ever so slightly scared me, as did 'Jack Killed Mum'. Jenny Lewis and her band delivered even though the audience was not exactly excellent. I'm not used to people talking through sets, so to have around ten conversations going on at once during a song, was a bit shocking. Who cares about your stupid friend, shut up! 'Melt Your Heart' practically killed me, especially during the lyrics "its like a Valentine from your mother', Lewis surely touched a few souls that night. 'Carpetbagger' by Jenny Lewis was named one of the top 20 songs of 2008 by Word Magazine, featuring Elvis Costello on the album- Wow! As Lightbody later advised "if you could all buy Jenny Lewis' new album (Acid Tongue) that would be fantastic!".

Snow Patrol entered around twenty minutes later to a predictable Adelaide technological default. Yet, the band continued to produce the beautiful"If There's A Rocket Tie, It to Me' from their new album 'A Hundred Million Suns' (which you should all buy) before launching into 'Chocolate' from 'Final Straw'.

Lightbody proceeded to fight against the Adelaide security and their combat boots (ready for some heavy work chaps!) by standing on the speaker which was labeled simply "no" during 'Hands Open'. To which the entire "security team" had to come and press against the speaker to hold it in place, and run around following Lightbody as he jumped from speaker to speaker. Just, before singing "Adelaide bursts to light", confusing the sing-a-longs in a rather exceptional way.

The set list included:
  1. If Theres a Rocket Tie it to Me
  2. Chocolate
  3. Hands Open
  4. Spitting Games
  5. How to be Dead
  6. Golden Floor
  7. You Could be Happy
  8. Run
  9. Shut your Eyes
  10. Chasing Cars
  11. Crack the Shutters
  12. Take Back the City
  13. Open your Eyes


  1. What if this Storm ends?
  2. You're all I have

(I was kind of hoping that suddenly BOOM! Jenny Lewis would pop out and together a Lewis Lighbody combination of "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" would occur right before my eyes! But sadly, no. I formatted such configurations in my head for later use.)

Lightbody later informed and apologised for coming down with a flu, that he was perhaps not performing to his all (which may explain a few missing songs from the set list). I did not notice this at all until towards the end where he seemed slightly in pain. The poor guy. Despite this, Lightbody continued casual banter with the audience, joking and dedicating his songs to various causes, from "Pablo and his sunburn", to "glow stick girls" to a rather off handed "peace". One hilarious incident was when asked the entire audience to sing a long to "Shut Your Eyes". "I'm just asking you for singing! Not, not even kissing! Not that you want that, I've got a flu, besides that would not be right", his smile lighting up the stage alone. It made it very apparent that they're just sort of normal people, however cliched that sounds.

The band has amazing dynamics, as so particularly obvious during "What if this Storm Ends?" which was truly magical. The drumming from Quinn really brought the piece together and the lyrics ('sets you up against, the planets last dance') seemed even more powerful than from the record.

Although, this could just be me, captured in the atmosphere and such. Nick Hornby described in "The Complete Polysyllabic Spree" the feeling of a live concert, the feeling of being energized and itchy after, which is true. I didn't want to do anything, I just wanted to sit and bask in the concerts glory.

The thing that truly made my night was when the band members, Paul Wilson (I don't quite understand the 'Pablo'), Tom Simpson and Gary Lightbody whilst driving past jumped out of their mini-van and patiently signed autographs. Lightbody did not look too well but still stood for numerous photographs, even with the hysterical 40 year old women (and I thought I was bad, I was not crying, wetting myself and giggling over the thought of knowing where Lightbody was staying for the night). I managed to snatch an autograph or two and a few photos, sadly not with Simpson, who jumped back in the van before I managed to manoeuvre my way around the crowd. I don’t know any band who would really do that after a nearly two hour set.

Paul Wilson, my hair later got caught in his arm bands. This was particularly embarrassing.

Its rather shoddy quality, as I didn't bring my camera and relied on my phone. Unfortunately, Gary Lightbody has his eyes closed, but he did for the greater part of the concert. I guess its rather fitting then. My friend suggested photoshopping eyes onto his face, but I think that would be rather creepy and obsessive.

So, an enormous thank you to the Snow Patrol, Jenny Lewis, the girl who directed me to where the band comes out, the lovely women who took my photographs, Leah, who sent me amazing photographs from the concert and the security guards who removed the mad Spanish lady from my back when she was practically mauling –or humping- me. Thank you!

The other day I was lucky enough to attend the opening preview for Adelaide of 'Mary and Max' the first full length feature film by Adam Elliot, of 'Harvie Krumpet' fame. After, Elliot and producer Melanie Coombs attended a question and answer session in which Elliot described his style ('Chunky and Wonky') and influences, plus a few fascinating stories too! The movie is beautifully narrated by Barry Humphries, with Phillip Seymour Hoffman voicing Max and Toni Collette, Mary. I suggest that you should see it as soon as possible! It provokes memories, laughter and tears, something the whole family can enjoy.

Have an excellent, magnificent weekend.

Mary and Max: