22 May 2009

Take, take, take!

I must also recommend you all listen, or download for free at Triple J, Dappled Cities 'The Price'. Its absolutely fantastic and after having it stuck in my head for the entire duration of a maths test, I can say it still is appealing. Thats a big thing right? Its a bit like a happier, boppier Editors, perhaps? See what you think.

Count air! Count wind!

Its a sad day when you're wondering, 'why is it so foggy' then after ten minutes you realise its your hot breath in the cold air. I realise I keep whining about how cold its been but it has been. Simply. That is all.

It's been a very good week, I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my grandmother!

'What the hell is the girl thinking?'

So carrot cake in hand I ventured out with warm birthday wishes. The present I bought for my dear grandmother was one of them movable hands (you know the ones artists use? Like the bodies but not? Is this helping in any manner?). I intended to give it to her with the phrase, 'I thought I'd give you a hand', oh my! Stop that cunning humor! Unfortunately, or perhaps luckily, my joke went unnoticed. This was due to the fact that as soon as my gran, dear gran, opened the present she molded the hand into giving the finger. With this she gestured it around the room, scrunching her nose and baring her teeth, shouting, 'next time them charity people come...I'll show them', more gesturing ensues. Hopefully she liked it. I'm not entirely sure, though. I was slightly shocked to say the least.

Soon my mother turned up and three generations of women sat there and talked over many different topics including the Irish ('they're everywhere!' Who needs to worry about China taking over, its them Irish!' 'but that's alright, we like that Keating bloke don't we'), Y Gen ('Oh what lovely people they are...(my grandmother. Hence, rude gesturing perhaps?)), gingers ('2 percent of the world, did you know that? They're a dying breed!') and dogs ('it proceeded to multi-colour crap all over my lawn'). I know, what classy, intellectual people we are.

So heres a photo thing, I think this is March. But yes.

Have a good weekend. I will be getting significantly lost in the enormity that is Adelaide. Well, the lost part is true.

I just finished a supposed tourist article with, 'if your moral values need a boost, visit the Notre Dame de Paris'. What was I thinking?

16 May 2009

She's Jamie's Mum!

Apparently right now I am supporting an 'Apres Ski' look due to my newly acquired jumper. Yet, unlike my fellow fashionstas (?), I am not laughing around a fire place with a cuppa hot cocoa. Smiling painfully, 'my! Clarissa! How funny you are! Har. Har. Har'. Instead I am drinking cold Irish Breakfast, mainly because I forgot about it, but I'm pretty sure its from today, pretty sure, and listening to my mothers 'The Bill' addiction.

Its raining nearly every day now, its rather nice really. I can't say I've done much today! And I had so many plans! Where does all my time go! I found myself researching pictures of hermit crabs. Pointless, useless things. But heres quite a stunning picture of a hermit crab:

And its football. Not soccer. What is this? (Should I be watching Eurovision right now?)

And discussing the ethics of Gamera. Who would win between King Kong and Gamera. I think Gamera has something to say about this :


I would like to think I actually did things. Days go so fast really. A teacher apparently stated that we are only 'six haircuts away from Year 12 exams'. Well, knowing how I have haircuts every seven year, I think I'm doing quite well in terms of preparing. The rate I'm going it'll be...a long time till my Year 12 exams. I don't plan to do Maths in Year 12, I just thought I'd make that clear.

But I did find this gem today, it combines two of the best things in modern society, Kate Bush and ukuleles, its 'The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain':

Rather liking The Joy Formidable too.

Well, I am off now. I was thinking of watching Eurovision, as a first or something. I am a Eurovision virgin and am unsure if this is good or not. For one, it produced ABBA, but gave a win to Celine Dion in 1988 for representing Sweden, or Switzerland one of them 'sw' places. Isn't she from Canada (or Canadia as my brother keeps insisting) I can't think of any other arguments.

Have a good weekend, hopefully fulfilling goals as such.

Is it just me or gingers some how becoming trendy? Not the mutation that we are supposedly. Check this out, Blaine Harrison contemplating the world of Alternative music. I don't know if this is trendy but it sure is damned cool. I don't think Topper Head was a ginger. The pondering continues with not much thought.

9 May 2009

What would I do with something valuable?

Firstly I would like to wish the rather excellently odd Kelly a rather belated Happy Birthday!!

Recently I was bought a book called 100 Great Irish Jokes, to which the following joke was published:
Kelly (Kelly as in man Kelly, as in not this Kelly. Yes.) was having trouble telling his two horses apart until one day he realised the white horse was two hands taller than the black horse.

Took me quite awhile to figure out but ey! Happy Birthday Kelly! Hope the world of 16 is treating you well.

As for me, yesterday I saw the very beautiful 'L'heure d'ete '(Summer Hours) which I thought was fantastic documentation of life, if not a little slow for the most. I mean theres not this happy ending, it doesn't really end but life doesn't basically. Its like Once, no strict ending, just the thought of whats to come. I enjoyed it greatly and thought the art featured in the film was beautiful and the ending, especially the accompanying track was very moving. I highly recommend it, especially for the house keeper, Eloise! She steals the show for me!

And today (I do honestly do things, like work, but films are so great, I just try and fit as many as I can in. Its that whole idea of being immersed in someone elses life, its like facebook but actually cultured), I saw 'Let The Right One In'. The movie, filmed in Stockholm, was utterly disturbing. Which may have been the point, I guess Not necessarily the whole vampire, blood, 'heads will roll' (and they do, indeed, they do), that was disturbing, but not in the same sense as the psychology behind it and all the hidden, unsaid things. There are points in the film where your gripping your seat, or the poor person next to you, making high pitched whining noises. Its very, very scary, yet some how remaining innocent, there's such an innocence to the children in the film despite the very adult situations that surround them. I don't quite know what to think of it. I do suggest seeing it, though. Perhaps I shall form a judgment after I have stopped looking over my shoulder and clutching my throat, and looking in trees. Which shall hopefully be soon. Stunning cinematography though, a photograph in every frame and Eli's eyes were enormous, she did look supernatural in some sense or another.
Rather looking forward to the release of ' The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus', the last film starring Heath Ledger. The following movie still depicts the very beautiful Lily Cole in a very pretty wig. Shes a ginger by the way. I wonder if she gets abused on the street.

To explain, one day, in the not too distant past, walking down the street at 9 in the morning I noticed a skin head, in full gear, Docs, tartan shirt, rolled up jeans and braces following me. Thinking it to just be coincidence I turned into Myers to be greeted by his lovely comment of 'you belong in a zoo'. To which I laughed. Stupidly. Or maybe bravely. Yes, I think I will accept that. Its a serious issue. People need to know. Gingers are people too.

Listening to 'Left for Dead' by Mum Smokes at the moment which is a bit of jittery rock with eerie undertones, quite cool. Also, check out 'Streamers' by Umpire, both of which are available for free download on the triple j website. Possibly one of my favorite songs of this month is 'Le Marin' by Babet, good stuff.

Have a good weekend.

4 May 2009

Monday is with Marten

As the cold kicks in, I spend most of my days in thick, wolly socks and insisting on numerous cups of chai (thank you Georgia for introducing me to my finest addiction. Drugs? Booze? Nah, chai, tanks!) and dragging out the old Doc Martens. I must seem rather hypocritical, being vegetarian but I bought them in year six honest! It is reasoned by endless taunts of clown music and 'Big Foot', so truly, I did and sadly, yes, I love them.

Last Friday night I went and saw Dylan Moran, in the flesh (whoops feeling a bit dizzy here, hmm) it was amazing! Despite all the live DVD's and endless watching of him to an almost stalkerish level, it was just as funny. As my friend said, 'you weren't the lady who couldn't control her laughter were you?', yes, I probably was. Moran seems to have social commentary down to a fine art with all comments and jokes some how feeling as if they relate to your life in some shape or form. 'The great thing about children is they talk you through silent treatment', goodness! Although I am left with the feeling that after bagging out Perth, stating it to be, basically, a hole that this will continue to Sydney, with Perth being replaced by Adelaide. But, oh well! Alls well that ends well and rababdaba, and as the argument proved today, despite my arguments, Adelaide is a hole. But its my hole. So its okay.

I don't really have much news or anything besides that. Maybe it is a hole! Goodness! Been busy thinking I'm working, well, not really. The last thing I completed was a supposed picture of my idol, which didn't work so instead I turned him into an astronaut saying 'I will eat your babies', I shall upload this later.Extrememly productive here, I tell you.

I haven't been listening to much 'new' music of late and have been rediscovering the joys of my CD collection (seriously, how amazing is Pulp?). I was very excited to hear that Leader Cheetah were from the Adelaide Hills, but thats about it. Actually, my main listening experience is 'My Lovely Horse' from Father Ted. Dear old Father Ted.

Have a good night!