28 March 2009

You're the top!

So now the Fringe is closed! But all is well just the city is less buzzing, buzzing as in drunk, stoned youths, can sometimes be a good thing. (I went to a doughnut stall to have the nice young man laugh continuosly, murmuring "ohh mannnn, theres a tree in the doughnut stand! Look. At. It. Ohhh mannn....". Ah, what young, interesting things they are.)

Yesterday I went and saw "Easy Virtue", which starts Kris Marshall hilariously as the butler, his face! Aw! The music, the style, the hair, the dancing, my! Am I inspired!

Today I must completely thank my friend Michelle for taking me to a beautiful fair today at her old school. It was utterly fantastic!! With food, families,oh! And scones:


Plus, also, for shouting me a turn in the petting zoo. Despite the fact I was the only person above the age of seven, it was extreme fun! Who needs bumper cars when you have goats? I had a strange fixation with wanting to pick up the pig but it wouldn't budge so I ended up chasing a duck around( Que Benny Hill music) before settling on some nice, defenseless rabbits and chickens.

Also, found some wonderful, little cheap finds at the stalls. I remember the fairs my school used to hold, with old grandmothers selling painted material cats and kites being the main attraction. This fair had a full on massive slide, Titanic bouncy castles and dodgem cars! Not that I'm complaining about the hand made goodness and grannies of my old school, its just amazing how these fairs have developed. Or maybe my school was just cheap, who knows?

Plus I picked up a rather nice vintage bag for fifty cents:

Its the middle bag, sorry for the shoddy quality. The other two were also bargains for two dollars. Apparently a carpet bag? Prompting "Mary Poppins" quotes- "pull out a lamp!".

Here are some other of my op-shops finds over the past few weeks:

I was so happy for the middle belt, three dollars compared to the mass produced twenty dollars ones. I'm pretty cheap as a general rule.

The last scarf, with the tapes, I just wanted one and the man gave me about fifteen for a dollar! And a bum bag! Bargain!

A hat my brother has lent me, from thinkgeek.com. Its rather fitting, ha ha ha. Geddit? I need to stop with the puns. (Dogs walked on a leash, do they get lead poisoning? Oh ha ha ha)

My father bought me this neon green coat and I absolutely love it! I've been called Bogan, Kermit among other things whilst wearing it but I can't quite resit it. This photo doesn't exactly do it justice.

I have worn this dress before, its rather and old find but its my favorite dress and I've never shown it before so I thought I'd just give it the recognition it deserves!

And lastly, possibly the best find, worn by my father in the 80's, found in the back of our shed (perhaps for a good reason) the lovely double sunglasses! They're just glass lenses so I shall probably find myself wearing them without knowing it, my eyes urging for there sweet embrace. HA!


20 March 2009

I bet your fine ass!

Oh, glory in a 500g container.

Apparently no one knows this quote. I should probably stop using it in general conversation then.

"Is your donkey fine?"
"I bet your fine ass!"

So! I have internet! Oh the holy thing it is! I thought I had gone cold turkey, over it, but not really, I am mainly possessing it at the moment to ogle at Jarvis Cocker dancing. This is of use in some manner that I shall think of. Later.

I shall give a attempt at a brief description in five points of my two months so far in Adelaide.

1. First day of orientation. Found myself sitting with one person in a row of twenty six (yes, I counted, to prove such theories, the theory of peoples relativity to me) with no one siting near us. This only changed when a few of the hat wearing people sat on the other side next to my friend. My brother said it was because I smelt. I proceeded to scream that I didn't smell, I just didn't fit the stereotypical view of the modern female... blah blah blah. He simply called me "smelly butt". I shouted. He threw an acorn at me. I dodged. Found myself on the floor after nose diving into a door.

2. Attended that of a zine fair! A "zine" you ask? Its a self publication (yes not "Zion", I was not going to a Zion convention as others thought) full of illustrations, comics, perspectives, basically anything. It was in this dingy little sort of basement next to The Crazy Horse and felt rather underground. Bought some magical little gems, a sock monkey badge, "ZOMBIE VIDEO", a massive colour-it-in maze poster, books on feminism, the vegan shopper guide (did you know musk is the abdomen of a deer? "Why, what is that smell, are you wearing abdomen of deer?" "Why yes! ""How lovely!", who wants that?) and a few other zines. Everyone was dressed rather alternatively, holding black marker pens and discussing mix tapes. It was all a bit radical, well, not really. I later attended group discussions on international students in Adelaide, a graffiti exhibition and world music (plus live facebook: a.k.a: would you like pie with that?) in the same place.

3. Watched "The Reader" alone. Felt like a seedy man in the back row. Some scenes wouldn't go amiss in a Bill Henson exhibition quite rightly, but gosh! It was so fantastic! Besides the lady next to me sniffing loudly before exclaiming "ohhhh! NOOOO! I see what SHE'S DOIN'!" in the most crucial scene. I mean, the most crucial scene, the most emotional, the most devastating scene, and this was practically after the director told us! What is wrong with you woman?! Plus, the movies from the International film festival were all excellent, "Stella" was absolutely heart-breakingly beautiful- "I'm afraid of everything"- slightly tainted when nearing towards the end, the lady behind me said, "that's practically my childhood minus, like, the French and France thing, and like, the cafe thing and like yeah...". So, like...the whole basis of the, like, film then? "A film with me in it" caused the whole audience to laugh, giving me a new quote "don't go all vegetarian on me, now". Plus, "Kisses":

4. Found myself exclaiming in front of a rather large percentage of the school population that I was a furry Star Wars character:

(Common area, students gathered. Blonde things sitting around, congregation of students waiting for class)
M: If I'm yoda, what are you?
C: I'm wooki! (followed by angry bear moves, clawing the air, mouth open, demented face) ROWWARRRRRR!

(Common room all staring at demented ginger who just declared herself to be wooki. Respect lost, failure.)

This could have been a result of my further readings into the Science of Star Wars, a book I picked up for close to five cents. To quote " there are a lost of evidence knowing from the structure of their feet and backbones to prove Wookis lived in trees". I kid you not.)

5. Had a cosy little St Patrick's day in leprechaun chic and a warm, creamy glass a Baileys! Hope you had a good one too!