31 August 2008


After watching Bill and Ted's excellent adventure (most bodacious) I suggest you watch this fine gem as well. I will be as soon as I get my hands on it.

I know, its sad, but it was pretty damn awesome.

Be excellent.

I Wish I Were Plastic

Animal Boy

At times of boredom, don't draw

30 August 2008

The People You Meet

Funnily enough, over the past few weeks I've taken some very strange images at parties or at home of the people around me. I just thought I'd post them for you all to see. They're Polaroid format, you just can't tell.

My dad is Macca the man, with a hint of Elvis Costello

From the exbo.-June 2008

He made all the girls hot.

Turned Japanese

Here is the finished product of my photo shoot with the lovely Miki Nagai. Background images sourced from the Konichiwhoa! exhibition. Click for a much, much, much larger image.


From David Bridie, previous member of "My Friend the Chocolate Cake", great Australian talent. The video is rather stunning too

29 August 2008

Its all covered.

Usually, I hate covers, they ruin songs and take out all the meaning, they become lifeless, boring and just a ploy to get money as most audiences are too naive to realise the song is covered. Yet, there are a few fine gems out there which I think deserve a mention:

1) Hounds of Love by Kate Bush- Covered by The Futureheads

(Note- just because this piece actually works, this does not mean that under any circumstances anyone should cover "Wuthering Heights")

2) Dear Prudence by the Beatles- Covered by Siouxie and the Banshees

Perhaps my fascination with this song is that Robert Smith is in fact, featured in the song, yet also the video, before he went and stole Siouxie hairstyle.

3) What You Waiting for by Gwen Stefani- Covered by Franz Ferdinand

Their funny Scottish accents articulating the words, "ohhh ohh" to then jump into the chorus sort of causes you to punch drunk dance, stumbling around and hitting the sky, to then giggle stupidly at Alex Kapranos telling those Harajuko girls that they have wicked style, is ace. Plus an added bonus of hinting towards a "White Wedding".

4) Tainted Love by Gloria Jones- Covered by Soft Cell

To then, ultimately, be axed to death by Marilyn Manson. Hey buddy! Just go kill my favorite childhood movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh right, you already did.

5) Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol- Covered by Nouvelle Vague

Making a song about jacking off sound rather classy.

6) Try a Little Tenderness by the Ray Noble Orchestra (done by many others before being..)- Covered by Otis Redding

This songs done its rounds, each time impressing to no end, for another great cover try The Commitments version or Duckies dancing in Pretty in Pink, which doesn't count as a cover, as much as just being damn cool.

7) Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen- Covered by Jeff Buckley

Its rather sad as this is a song that no one actually knows its a cover, perhaps due to Shrek, who knows, but everyone just assumes its Buckley's original song, I guess he owns it though, he sort of has to.

8)I Fought the Law by Sonny Curtis and the Crickets- Covered by The Clash

Case in point again, The Clash so truly made this their song, its hard to believe it actually isn't theirs and in fact a song from the 1950's that despite the lyric content, listening to it makes you feel rather happy or with the temptation to hit the beach.

9) Sea of Love by Phill Phillips- Covered by Cat Power

Cat Power restored my faith in love thanks to this amazing cover, check it out in Juno.

10) 2000 Miles by The Pretenders- Covered by Coldplay

I remember reading that Chirs Martin thought this was one of those beautiful Christmas songs, and his version, unlike the Pretenders (thats is still utterly one of the most beautiful songs recorded, that creates myself to a teary mess on a number of ocasssions) has a more Christmas like feel, which I guess he intended to do.

And that about wraps it up, I'd state the worst cover ever, but that would mean having to mention the name of the devil woman, so no thanks.

27 August 2008

Half in Love with Elizabeth

From the dearly loved Mystery Jet boys, heres Half in Love with Elizabeth

I do love the bit where he folds the note and places it upon her face but am slightly wary of his beds movements in the night. The video is really amazing isn't it? Like a sort of film noir or something, I'm glad Elizabeth is giving back to the public.

26 August 2008

I don't feel safe in my home

My father just came into the room (I had to quickly click away from viewing my 7 billion emails saying "so and so has commented on a photo of you" blah blah blah, I have never felt more popular in my life and click onto my maths document with my hands poised over the keyboard, my I-am-hard-at-work-in-deep-thought-pose that never really fools anyone because my face always looks so nervous, I would surrender any knowledge to spies at the drop of hat), dressed in shorts and for some odd reason work shoes, he claimed:

"On Friday, I will have a lot of work and won't feel like going out as your friends come over. I will stay home, just give me a few 80's songs and I will play them on the keyboard and entertain them all."

He then proceeded to go into his "music room" (complete with keyboard, drum kit and microphone and amplifier, which he hopes to be able to play all at once) and create 80s synth, as inspired by Gary Numan, to illustrate his commitment to my humiliation.

After about five minutes he reemerged asking me if "that a bit too slow for your friends, do you think they'll want something faster?". I replied "Oh, yeah, something they could really groooove to". Using my comment he created a sound much like a lawnmower with his mouth, the seemingly depiction of "faster 80s synth". Lastly, I asked if he was serious:

"Oh yes, I have a lot of work, will be very tired" he trails off, mumbling downstairs until he reaches the bottom and says to my Mum-"Hey Jude, ain't that right, I'll be so tired on Friday, I'll just have to entertain her friends with my music, like that German guy" to then mimic a lawnmower again.

I can never quite tell when hes serious. Either it will go down like a lead balloon on Friday or my Dad will recreate the 80s with his one man band, lets hope theres no chance of either occurring.

I've been popped!

Its a thumbnail fool, you know what to do, not that though.


At my place this Friday, I'm having this massive pillow fight, with around 20 people coming. So a pillow part, although that does sound utterly wrong. Broaching the subject with my parents, they seemed only concerned with one thing:

"You have that many friends?" -My mother stated in half shock, thinking that a get together with my friends would be about five of us sitting around eating cheese and cucumber sandwiches with perhaps a bit of pop to spice things up.

"Yes, yes I do, as weird as that may seem"

My father than, coming out of his shock attack at the fact that his daughter might actually have friends and might actually like her and gasp! Shock, horror! Might not be the complete social reject that he thought she was, jumped to the logical conclusion.

"Oh, no you don't. They're using you, tell them they can't come round"

Sadly, this was not news to me and this conversation occurs on a regular basis ("You're going to a party on Friday night? You? Party? With people? Friday night?") and despite my efforts to prove that yes, I do actually have a group of friends with a rather large number, that yes, it includes boys and yes, they're not using me as I haven't really got much to be used for, it still comes as a shock to my parents. In the end, they agreed, stating that they only say such comments to protect me and to stop whining about them downing my self-esteem as they really are helping me, I just haven't figured it out yet.

Although, after that conversation, the following morning my father said "so what wossies am I going to beat up?".

Never Pass a bar with Your Name on It

As said in "McCarthy's Bar" (an excellent read, I suggest you all go buy it. Now. Now. Now, and laugh at the ignorance of Americans, yet agree with the want to be Irish), on the topic of this conversation I stumbled upon this conversation with my dear, dear friend, Kirra Draper.

"Oh, yes, I've go to remember to "never pass a bar with your name on it""

"I don't think I've ever seen a bad with my name on it, maybe a street sign or two....in England"

"I've seen my name on many curtain shops"

This took me about twenty billion years to figure out, but finally I defeated my mental blank to laugh for the longest time I have laughed in a long time.

"Ohhh! Draper!"

She catches on fast this one.

25 August 2008

I know, I know, its serious

MR Moo don't like you

I really wish I had a sock Monkey.

Feeling Old

Stuck in the closet

Soul Windows

A project from ages ago (if your wondering why I have so much stuff from August, its due to the fact my other website hates me, as does all technology, and I'm trying to salvage everything from there and placing it on here. Basically.

Halloween- Shoot from Oct. 31st

Meg, the witch and Mog, her cat go off to a wild hallowe'en party with all the other witches. The spell they cast goes off with a BANG!

I love Halloween. It's a day where you can pretend to be interesting yet also go and snoop around peoples houses whilst being able to demand they give you a treat just after you've checked out their interior design. Oh a vase! How nice..schk.

Despite the whole its a "American-scam-to-sell-candy", its still pretty enjoyable. My friend and I spent the whole afternoon getting dressed up as mimes (as mimes make great conversation, like us) to then proceed downstairs to find that we were the only people above seven. So we stated that we dressed up for "the childs fun", we then found ourselves a "token" child who we would take around trick or treating as if to "look after him". Some how some chocolate ended up in our bags by the end of the night and i got to hold Ethan the Pirates hand for the whole night, all in all, pretty enjoyable, and i have a play date all planned.


Where and Why?- The Y Generation


Natalie Narayan
12th November 1992
Living in Seoul (interview conducted in Singapore)
Previous Residences (in chronological order): New Zealand, Sydney (Australia), Singapore

I want to be very rich and have a successful career, be happy have job satisfaction, have my happily ever after. I want to do everything I've set out to do like studying and living overseas. When you live overseas you experience so many different cultures, you want to see more and more. You've become exposed. We are so lucky, I've been able to travel and experience cultures that others can’t. I don't feel the need to move, I'm happy with my life at the moment. I've lived in Singapore for so long though; I want to experience something new. Change happens, you don't always dive into it, you're hesitant, wanting to stay in your comfort zone but is usually works out to be the best choice for you in life.


Mia Visser
2nd April 1986
Living in Singapore (currently between jobs)
Previous Residences (in chronological order): South Africa, Perth, Melbourne, Singapore, Adelaide, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Adelaide (Australia)

I’ve grown more culturally aware, I move every seven years, I’m in the mind set that I’m always moving, its become second nature. I just pack up and go, not having to worry about culture shock. I’ll keep traveling, I want to see the world, meet new exciting and interesting people and gain a bucket load of qualifications. I hope not to be restricted in life and just be able to follow my dreams, experience the world. My goal is to see every country in the world, as they say, the world is your oyster. I think I’ll only settle down when I’m 35.

Bryter Lyter

Jack Wallis
21st December 1989
Living in Aldgate (South Australia)

I want to be famous, respected or perhaps infamous. I want a CD with my name on it. I really want to make a name for myself. Yet, I think I’ll always come back to Adelaide. I’ve never left Adelaide so I really want to travel to all the big cities, New York, Paris, London and Tokyo. I don’t want to study. Who does? No one does at university. I’m doing screen writing but I’m mainly just interested in music. If my band breaks up, like all do, I’ll do something else but I just really want to do the music. I have no obvious route in my life but I’m not scared.


Hannah Fitzgerald Dolling
11th December 1992
Living in Little Hampton (South Australia)

I can't really tell the differences in myself. I hope to become a more confident, involved person, more accomplishments under my belt. I want to immigrate to the UK, travel everywhere and see everything. I want to, but I probably won't, study at Cambridge and be safe in the knowledge I am a genius. My father traveled and experienced different cultures so I want to, I've been to Asia, Europe and New Zealand but I want to see more. I would backpack, but preferably not as I like to shower. I need to get away. I want to get out of Adelaide, Adelaide's a hole, and people are irrelevant. I have no idea is I am stable and settled in life, it's a bit depressing, isn't it? I'm settled enough, it's difficult to know if I'm happy, I have not lived life. I can't make changes to my life, you can't choose what you want in your future anyway.


Miki Nagai
25th April 1992
Living in Singapore
Previous Residences (in chronological order): Tokyo, Chiba (Japan), Los Angeles (USA)

I just want a normal, slow life, I don’t plan to travel overseas that much. I want to go back home to Japan, go to uni, get married, work for a few years. I want to be a mum and just have a quiet life. Perhaps travel to Hawaii and Korea and because of going to the Australian school, travel to Australia, I’m too lazy, I like staying in one spot. The fact is, I’ve been moved so many times in my life I just want to stop moving around. Although, I am happy with my life right now and where I am, I am happy with the people who are around me.


Simon Michalski
22nd January 1986
Living in Aldgate (South Australia)
Previous Residences: Zimbabwe, Harare

I learnt how to talk to girls, choose which girls will talk to me and know where to find these girls; hence I know all the important things in life. I definitely want to travel, for holidays and study, but not to immigrate. I'd travel to South Africa, especially because it's my hometown. I’d travel to Africa, Asia and Europe. It’s the escapism idea, to get out of Adelaide. I am happy though, I have no obvious changes to make to my life. I know where I am going; I have an obvious path in physiotherapy rehabilitation. I don't believe in wanting to change what I have in life right now.

Caroline Mansueto
26th January 1985
Living in Aldgate (South Australia)
Student/ Food Attendant

I've had the most changes in my life in the past week, I'm moving away from home and left my tertiary schooling, I'm at the point in my life where I don't know what I want, I'm just working and living. I'm going through a lot of changes; the only constant thing is my relationship with Simon. I want to be happy in the next few years and be comfortable in a job, be comfortable enough to be able to travel overseas. I've never been overseas; I want to see something that's not Adelaide. I'm trapped in a small environment. I want to go everywhere, Africa, Asia, South America, I want to go to Malta because of my father.. I would even live overseas. I have the aspirations of a stay at home mother, I want to have a family one day, but not right now. I'm happy in life, more or less.


Bronte Morel
8th December 1992
Living in Singapore
Previous Residences: Canberra, Queensland, Sydney (Australia)
Student/ Babysitter

I want to go everywhere in the world! Winter wonderlands, beaches in Hawaii, I want to live in Hawaii, I’ve just always wanted to. I don’t really feel the need to move or get away, I more feel the need to be with people. I want to be able to help people, work in an orphanage or be a preschool teacher, I love being around people. I am a hundred percent happy in life and I’m always going to be happy. As long as I have people around me I am happy.


Consuelo Cofre
1st May 1993
Living in Singapore
Previous Residences: Santiago (Chile)

Living overseas has improved my English, I’ve become more mature, even if you can’t tell and I’ve met more people, I’ve gained memories I will never forget. At the beginning I didn’t want to move, I’d miss people and friends but I guess everything is for a reason and it didn’t turn out to be the bad in the end. I’m happy I moved. I still want to travel more, go to places I haven’t had a chance to. I want to go to Nepal and Cambodia, I’d like to somehow help the conditions there or Europe as I have never been there before. I’d like to live overseas again but I’d rather stay in Singapore and finish my schooling, I like Singapore a lot but If I could change one thing I’d change the weather, then it would be a pretty perfect country for me.


Stephanie Fenech
16th November 1992
Living in New South Wales (interview conducted in Singapore)
Previous Residences: Sydney (Australia), Singapore

If I was asked if I wanted to travel overseas before I actually lived overseas, I would’ve said no, I’d just have stayed in Australia. Now its just the way of life. I plan to travel more in life, when I graduate I want to do six months of traveling around the world. I’d probably do university in Sydney but I don’t want to settle down straight away. I want to travel the world. It’s an experience and you find it’s so different from Australia; you can make friends from all over the world. At this moment I like my life, I am settled but soon I will be moving again, I’m hoping it won’t take too long to settle in again. In life I am a happy person, I like my life.


Roxan Calvo
11th June 1993
Living in Singapore
Previous Residences (in chronological order): Antwerp (Belgium), Paris (France), London (England), Perth (Australia)

Living in a different country I’ve learnt to value friendship more. Everyone’s always leaving, I need to have friends and enjoy the time I have with them. I do feel the need to move, because everyone’s always leaving I don’t always want to be the one left behind. It has changed me living overseas. If I hadn’t lived overseas I’d be stuck in Belgium like everyone else with these same traditional views. I think everything happens for a reason. I believe that.


Evan Cooper
15th June 1992
Living in Singapore
Previous Residences: Wellington (New Zealand)

I’ve matured mentally by living overseas and become more socially outgoing person. In life more or less I want to be a famous musician. I want to get my musical skills up to a level where I can perform. I the music plan fails I’ll move back to New Zealand for study. I want to have the freedom to decide my education and the things that I want to do. There’s always this stress of having to meet other peoples expectations.

Let Them Eat Cake

Georgia Barnes
9th November 1992
Living in Sydney (Australia- interview conducted in Singapore)
Previous Residences (in chronological order): Sydney, Singapore, London (England), Singapore

When I was seven I moved for the first time in my life, I’ve continued moving in life ever since but it’s not permanent. Traveling creates you to be less closed minded. I really enjoy traveling, being able to see new things. I feel the need to move but I do like having a house and knowing that I’ll be there for a while. I’m sort of happy in life at the moment; I want to know who I am. as I’m leaving soon, I’ll have to come out of my comfort zone, which scares me, I haven’t lived in Australia for so long and I don’t know what it will be like.


Daphne Suherman
9th June 1992
Living in Singapore
Previous Residences: Medan (Indonesia)

I don’t feel that I belong in Singapore. Singapore is too urban. If I was to travel I’d travel to Rome or somewhere with big open spaces. Living overseas has changed me a lot, I moved when I was seven and it was a completely new experience for me, I was a complete stranger to it. In a way I am glad I moved country. Indonesia has many riots and I think my parents are glad we moved too. There are many advantages and disadvantages to living overseas, although, I can’t imagine not living in Indonesia, I will always go back there, either to take over the family business or to be a lawyer. Indonesia is my home, Indonesia is where I belong.


Aidin Langford
28th February 1986
Living in Flinders Hall (South Australia)
Previous Residences in chronological order): Indonesia, Singapore
Biology Student

I have no real ambitions; get a good job in science, being a mad scientist would be great. I've lived overseas, so I'd definitely want to travel overseas, study overseas would be good but a job would be even better, wherever really. There’s only so far you can plan ahead. I don't really feel the need to move, I'd obviously want to go Singapore again, for family but there’s not this overwhelming feeling of needing to. Being an expat you find yourself slightly separated from society, so then you definitely want to travel. You've experienced it before and you're more culturally aware. You know what's out there.

Brass in My Pocket

Nell Olsson Young
25th August 1992
Living in Singapore
Previous Residences: Melbourne (Australia)

I didn’t want to move at first, I was happy where I was and didn’t think it was a good idea. Moving means you always have to find new friends and in the end you can’t be bothered. It’s a really hard process having to make new friends. If I was to move back to Australia it will never be the same as it was before the move. People have changed a lot and I’ve changed a lot too. It would be hard to get along with people completely different from the people I used to know. The move has worked out okay in the end, I’ve experienced new cultures and seen new things. As my father said when he was trying to convince me to move to Singapore, I’m “broadening my horizons”.

Rose Tint My World

Kirra Draper
4th March 1992
Living in Singapore
Dubbo (NSW), Coonamble (NSW), Ayers Rock National Park (NT), Katherine (NT), Port Headland (WA), Kalgoorlie (WA), Melbourne (VIC).

I'm more open to trying new things now. Moving from place to place has really impacted my life, the people I befriend and usually hang out with really influence my personality and lifestyle. I'm still the same on the inside, however. It just gives me more things in life to consider. Of course I’m going to mature more, that's only to be expected. At the moment I’m quite content with where I am. I’ve lived all over Australia and I hate new beginning, I’m terribly bad at starting all over again so I hope to stay in Singapore to finish Year 12 but as soon as I’ve finished school, lets just say, I am outta here! I’m hoping to study mythology in uni, travel to places of deep religious significance like Egypt, Rome and Greece but I think my real calling in writing. I want to write at least one fiction novel in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever be happy in life if I don’t write something.


Kerry Michalski Russell
20th May 1987
Living in Aldgate, South Australia
Previous Residences: Zimbabwe, Harare (South Africa)
Tech Support

I have no real dreams, no hopes or aspirations, if I could change one thing it would be to get a bigger room with a couch and a sound system. I don’t want to make a name for myself. I just want to get money, buy a house and travel the world. I want to holiday everywhere. It’s a fun experience, maybe I would backpack, I haven’t tried yet. I just want to move around, I’m used to moving around, but I don’t want to move around forever. I think immigration should be banned. I wouldn’t live overseas, I’d stay in Adelaide . Adelaide is good, its green, its nice and its home.

I Can Resist Everything but Temptation

Kelly Rogers
7th May 1992
Living in New South Wales (interview conducted in Singapore)
Previous Residences: (in chronological order) Australia, England, Seoul (South Korea), Singapore

I definitely plan to travel, I would work in England, I know people there and it's the best place. I’ve lived in. My dream is to open a bookstore there, but I don’t think that will happen, I need to be more motivated. I would go into business, it's what my father does, I'd like to settle down, have family, but I don't know if I will I think I’m happy with my life, I'm not ultra, mega happy but I'm content. I wouldn't change that I've moved, I would change maybe things I've said in the past. I can't imagine not moving. I'm not sure if there's the need to move, moving was more how I got out of problems, out of stress, I always felt I could move.


Andre Michalski
12th August 1990
Living in Aldgate (South Australia)

I want to be a doctor, I want to help people. I wouldn’t mind studying overseas or holidaying around the world. I would travel all over Europe and China. My family has a history of movement so I will eventually track down the family history in Poland, England and South Africa. I’d also go to Singapore again, Singapore is hell good. Go and see the spewing lion again. I think I’d stay in Adelaide though. If I can I would live overseas, I guess living overseas wouldn’t be too bad. I have a decent life, I’m happy but I want to move and travel. I’m not going to stay in Adelaide my entire life.

Jessica Leppert
12th January 1993
Living in Bentleigh (Australia)
Previous Residences: Melbourne (Australia), Singapore

At first I didn’t want to leave Melbourne, I didn’t realize I hated Melbourne until I actually left but in the end moving to Singapore did work out. I have a connection to people there. Generally I’ll just complete my schooling in Australia and then get a job. I don’t think I could be one of those people that at the end of their schooling just get up and take six months off traveling, I’m just too lazy. If I had the choice whenever I wanted to stay or leave, I’d probably just stay.