1 October 2009

just say yes

i don't quite know what to think about the new snow patrol song. i have remained an utterly loyal fan, but i don't know about this one. i'm listening now and i like it, but not as much as say, disaster button or open your eyes. i probably sound like a complete berk, really. hm. i don't like change, i guess, but i do, so that's no excuse, dammit! actually i like it more now. i guess i'm getting used to it. i used to disgust tea and everything that was associated with it but now i drink about six cups a day and have withdrawal symptoms unless. hopefully this won't be quite the same, mind.

today i dressed my friends as clowns and bought a stevie nicks hat for four dollars but then accidentally fed someone chocolate which i probably shouldn't have, so, yes, but otherwise a pretty good day.


The Credit Sequence said...
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Caitlin said...

You fed her chocolate? :O
Does she know, if not, I won't tell.