4 October 2009

its not near

i went and saw 'up' today in 3d, it was utterly fantastic if not a bit of a tear jerker, but i contained myself in the presence of friends. unlike in ice age where i wept, like a...french football player? is that what they say? having never properly been to a 3d movie i screeched when the things came at you, which i guess is the point, but yes, it scared me. and just then i caught a mosquito and it fell down my sleeve which is rather unfortunate. on a related topic, today when i changed out of my dress into my cat pyjama pants, a bug flew out of my dress. i wonder how long it stayed there for or if it just flew in and out in that brief time. if it had sat there watching the movie with me. ohh the questions, the questions. yes, i thought that was interesting, perhaps not.

hope you had a very, very fine weekend

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Soren Lorensen said...

yeah I have questions about the bugs in my room

or questiosn for them, if only I could talk to them