10 October 2009

don't tell anyone!

last day of the holidays and to reflect on the past two weeks i have not done much. my plans of major house cleaning, gardening and other things that don't sound that exciting (which may explain why they remain as they were) have not been completed and instead, i seem to have spent the last two weeks planning these amazing things that will occur in 6 years time. well done you!

although, i have seemed to have given myself a very cuttingly swish haircut that rather slightly resembles the mullet , the mullet i gave myself right in time for my year 8 class photos. my plan was to have a bob in the front with long at the back, but not too obviousl, and then be able to put my hair up and boom! a bob! who'd know? upon telling my brother this he stated 'nah, mullets are usually more neat'. so there we go.

for all you know, this could be me.

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I have given you a blog award, it is over at my place