17 December 2009

va va va vintage.

plus, for a while i have followed the truly fantastic and fascinating blog trish hunter finds which involves many, many lovely op shops finds which causes extreme jealousy. but no more as there is now the chance to buy these items at her new shop:

so i do suggest you check it out.


Ghostie Girl said...

I made paper originally out of spite. You see, I collect notebooks (and hats and belts and things to stick on my wall and books and songs and poems, etc) and Mum wouldn't buy my one.

Oh, and it was also because I needed it for my Christmas Cards.

So, Mum wouldn't buy me the Paris, Je T'aime memorabilia book. So, I made one myself. Plus, I was Greenpeaced up, because of wishing I was at Copenhagen, et cetera.

"aaaaaalas, oh Aaagnes, I still..."

sorry. My brain is being invaded by delicious accents. I have to hop!

Vintage, Je T'aime!

umbrellagirl, Je T'aime!

thimbles and gingham said...

ohh i heard about this site on radio adelaide earlier today. i'm going to check it out!