27 November 2009

nothing happens in my town

well, he didn't exactly split as i think the stage sort of prohibited that, but he did do a sort of leap. BUT. the concert was utterly amazing. paul smith wore this powder blue suit (as noted, above), that on a forty degree day, caused him to strip off at the end of 'apply some pressure', 'i hope that i live to see you undress' to the delight of the many female audience members. the entire time he wiggled, thrust his hips and jumped around all while keeping a beautiful tune. and they covered the go-betweens 'was there anything i could do'?. absolutely amazing.

plus, the support band, who told very lovely jokes (for example, a grasshopper walks into a bar, the barman says, 'we have a drink named after you', the grasshopper say, 'what kevin?', 'no grasshopper' so the grasshopper says, 'but i'm a horse', so the barman says, 'why the long face'. well, i liked them) and were all round lovely were denim owl. who i highly suggest checking out. half way through their set they asked where to get a good coffee and this one really clever man shouted 'SNOW TOWN'. which if you know anything about adelaide, is the place where they stuffed around ten bodies in barrels. classy adelaide.

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thimbles and gingham said...

did they play at fowlers? i saw them play last time they were in adelaide and they were ace. they were supported by mercy arms last time, who were dressed like pirates!